Though tile, concrete, and hardwood floors are easier to clean, ensuring their longevity with the right cleaning solutions is essential. Some cleaners can damage the finish of the floor, shortening its lifespan. When in doubt, turn to Troix Solutions janitorial services.

Cleanliness Can Imrpove Your Health

The care and cleanliness of your commercial floors should be placed in the hands of a cleaning professional to ensure they are taken care of. We use green cleaning techniques and chemicals that are safe for all floors as well as the people who trample on them. Our green cleaning solutions are hospital grade, in order to ensure the maximum disinfectant properties. These are green products that can reduce respiratory irritation, as well as help to save the planet from further pollution. Furthermore, our top-coat finishes are safe, effective and durable.

We’re Eco-Friendly Cleaners

Each solution we use is environmentally friendly, which ensures the safety of the atmosphere but more importantly ensures the ultimate health of your employees and customers. By being environmentally conscious in your office cleaning decisions, you’re making the choice to prioritize the health and wellness of your employees and the Earth, effectively setting your business apart from your competitors.

Schedule Your Janitorial Services Today

Proudly serving Cincinnati and Dayton, we are Ohio’s preferred office cleaning company. Our exceptional client care is what sets us apart from our competition. With us, you can rest assured you are receiving high-quality and effective janitorial services. We offer a discount for new clients and tailor our green cleaning services specific to your individual needs. Call us now for more information about our janitorial services.

Interested in learning some nifty eco-friendly cleaning tips and staying up to date on the best organic cleaning products? Follow our blog where we cover information on research-backed cleaning processes and how cleaning chemicals can affect the earth’s atmosphere.