Specks of dirt, harmful bacteria, and a number of other contaminants can hide in your carpet, unnoticeable to all but the eyes of the most skilled carpet cleaners. You might be able to remove the surface stains caused by liquid, mud, foot traffic, and spills, but what about the things that have seeped in?

Even though the low-pile carpet squares you use in your business are intended to trap less than the high-quality fibers of your carpet at home, dust, dirt, and potentially harmful contaminants can still creep into the carpet and can only be removed by Cincinnati and Dayton’s preferred green carpet cleaning professionals. Unfortunately, carpets house a host of bacteria and can cause health problems if not regularly cleaned.

Green Carpet Cleaning

Keeping your carpets dirt-free and disinfected provides peace of mind to you and your employees. Your Triox green carpet cleaning specialists use an unparalleled attention to detail as they clean the carpets of your business. We clean with high-grade, environmentally safe chemical solutions that are similar to those used in hospitals to eliminate all harmful toxins. These green cleaning solutions are completely organic, meaning our green cleaning products protect you and your employees from the volatile organic compounds in your carpet as well as our atmosphere, which helps to prevent respiratory issues. Our ultimate goal is to keep your carpets looking clean and beautiful, extending their lifespan.

If you notice that your carpet doesn’t look as clean as it used to, or a pungent smell coming from your carpeting, schedule your green carpet cleaning with us today. We’d be delighted to discuss a cleaning plan and a way to proceed with your potential office cleaning and janitorial services. Our cleaning team is efficient and reliable, and new customers receive a first-time service discount.

Curious about our philosophies and the latest science on eco-friendly cleaning? Keep up with our blog to find out more about our organic green cleaning products and the research we base our processes off of.