Your office is the busiest part of your business. With employees hustling and bustling about while deals are being struck and ideas being lobbied, it’s no surprise that your workspace can get dirty quickly. Don’t tolerate the dust and dirt any more than you have to. After all, the cleanliness of your workplace makes a difference in the performance of your staff. Triox Solutions is ready and able to keep your office looking its best with our green cleaning services in Dayton.

We Use Green Cleaning Products

Traditional chemical cleaners may do a great job of stripping away the layers of harmful bacteria and germs that build up on your office desks, tables, and other work surfaces. But once their done, they leave behind a film of noxious chemicals that can be just as hazardous to the health of your employees as the germs they cleaned away! You value the work of your employees, so keep them happy and healthy with our green cleaning products. All of our products are organic. That’s good news for your employees and bad news for dirt and grime.

Floor Cleaning

To make the most of your flooring, it’s important to keep them clean. Whether it’s tile, concrete, or hardwood, your floors deserve special attention and cleaning. Thanks to our commercial flooring cleaning and green products and techniques, your floors will look better than ever and will last longer than if you had used abrasive chemical cleaners.

Office Cleaning

First impressions matter, and you’ll want your employees and clients to be wowed by the appearance of your office. We offer green office cleaning that will clean your workplace from top to bottom. We’ll wipe down your windows, scrub your toilets, and clean up your desks and tables. We’ll leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of total office cleanliness.

Not only will your office look better, but your employees will be healthier. And when your employees feel good, they produce great quality work. Keeping your office clean isn’t just a nicety; it’s a sound investment for your business.

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Don’t settle for subpar cleaning services. Work with Dayton’s Top Rated Local® commercial cleaning service and see why business owners and office managers alike love our green cleaning services. We’re committed to making your office look its best. Contact our cleaning specialists today for a free quote, and be sure to ask about our new customer specials!