Keeping your office clean has never been easier thanks to the services of Triox Solutions. With years of experience and special pricing for new customers, we offer top-quality green cleaning services at prices that make sense for your budget. Triox Solutions is proud to serve business owners and office managers in the Cincinnati area. Not sure how we can help your business look it’s best? Check out some of the services we offer.

Office Cleaning

The heart of any business is the office. It’s where important decisions are made and were pressing work is done. With so much going on within the confines of your office, it’s no wonder that dirt, dust, and grime builds up quickly on some of the most used surfaces, like desks, tables, chairs, and your windows. At Triox Solutions, we offer top-to-bottom office cleaning services. From cleaning your windows to dusting your desks, and scrubbing your floors, we do it all, leaving your office looking clean and fresh. Your employees will appreciate the clean workspace, and your clients will be impressed by the appearance of your office.

Carpet Cleaning

While your business might be using a low-pile carpet to prevent dirt and grime from getting ground into it, the fact is that your carpets accumulate dirt faster than you realize. Even your most conscious employees track in dirt, mud, and salts in on their shoes. Of course, there’s also the occasional coffee spill or a lunch that misses your employee’s mouth and ends up on the floor. Your carpets work hard, treat them right with the green carpet cleaning services of Triox Solutions. All of our carpet cleaning solutions are completely organic, meaning they are easy on your carpet fibers and the health of your employees but are tough on the stains and dirt that make your carpets look less-than-perfect.

We Use Organic Cleaning Products

While traditional chemical cleaners might do a fine job of wiping away harmful bacteria and germs on your work surfaces, what are they leaving behind? The chemical cleaners that our competitors use leave strong odors, and toxic chemicals that might make you and your employees ill. Our line of organic cleaning products are toxin free, doesn’t leave a gritty or slimy texture behind, and doesn’t leave any lingering odors. Your surfaces will be devoid of germs, ensuring the health and wellness of your employees and your business.

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Help your business stand out with Triox Solutions. Our detailed work will leave your workspaces looking spotless. Contact our cleaning specialists today for a free quote on your green cleaning services in Cincinnati, and then stop by our specials page to take advantage of our great deals for first-time customers!