1. The Importance Of A Clean Office

    If you run a business, you’ve got a lot on your plate. Between managing your team of employees to working with clients and customers, it’s hard to lose track of the things that keep your office running smoothly. While you may not notice it from day to day, keeping your office clean is actually more important than many people realize. In today’s blog, the office cleaning experts at Triox Solu…Read More

  2. We’re Making Green Cleaning Affordable

    Your office is busy. The hustle and bustle of daily office life means happy employees darting between desks and meeting rooms to break rooms and back again. With so much foot traffic and activity, it’s not surprising that your office can look a little worse for wear at the end of a long work week, especially if you have a public lobby that customers and clients use to visit your business. Much l…Read More

  3. Janitorial Service Level Cleaning Out Of Your Cupboard, Part 2

    Other Green Cleaning Products If you caught our last blog, you’re fully educated about the cleaning capabilities of  baking soda, vinegar, and lemon juice, but those are only the main cleaning agents you can use from your cupboard. When it comes to dedicated green cleaning, you have to be creative in every sense of the word. If you feel a space is too dirty while waiting for your eco-friendly c…Read More

  4. Janitorial Service-Level Cleaning Out Of Your Cupboard

    Triox Solutions understands exactly how important human health is in relation to the cleanliness of any space. If an area is clean, people won’t get sick as often and they’ll be happier. However, the industrial cleaning methods that keep humans happy can sometimes be harmful to the earth. Many industrial cleaning solutions are manufactured using harmful chemicals that can even put the cleaner…Read More