At Triox Solutions, our first and primary concern is the satisfaction of our clients. We realize that as a company we are only as good as the satisfaction of those we service. One of the most common reasons someone like yourself is exploring alternate janitorial companies is because of the lack of consistent and thorough performance. Every one of our clients facilities are are inspected by an account manager EVERY visit to keep our clients minds at ease.

Triox Solutions understand that cleanliness can be incredibly difficult to maintain, especially considering the number of people who circulate through your business daily. It’s an entirely different task to find the most effective and safest office cleaning solutions on the market, which, alone, can prove quite difficult. However, that doesn’t mean achieving a clean and safe work environment to suit your clients and your employees is an impossible task.

Triox Solutions began with the express purpose of finding the most effective products that are environmentally friendly and won’t unnecessarily tax your health, your employees health, or your clients’ health. After quite a bit of trial and error, we found it — the perfect organic, green cleaning products that would eliminate all bacteria without releasing harmful chemicals into the air. From that point on, we were a landmark company in Cincinnati and Dayton, providing customers with greener solutions and cleaning processes that are available to every office.

As your local Cincinnati and Dayton commercial cleaning company, we make it our goal to quickly and effectively clean your office while keeping everyone who enters your space safe. Our cleaning materials are 100% eco-friendly, ensuring any and all bacteria are removed from the area, ultimately providing a sterilized area that you can feel confident and comfortable in.

Interested in our research and science-backed processes? Follow our blog to learn about the effects of chemicals on the atmosphere and your health, as well as details about the psychological health involved with a clean area and so much more.

We strive for perfection. Reach perfection for your office cleaning by contacting us today and scheduling your new janitorial service schedule. We go above and beyond to alter our services to your individual needs. Whether it’s heavy duty floor cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning, or just green cleaning for your office space, we’re here to accommodate your needs.